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We, like you, are appalled at the moral decay in our society. The family structure is falling apart, biblical principles are cast aside, and now we’re harvesting what we have sown. Crime is becoming a direct threat to all of us.

We do not believe the problem will be solved by better prison facilities or stiffer sentences. The problem is located in the human heart. The only answer to the crime crisis will come from the heart-changing power and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Prison ministries are among the most productive missionary outreaches in the world today—and they are right at our doorstep. Many prisoners have been caught in Satan’s trap and are held there by a morally decadent society. They hunger for peace and are not able to find it.

We have the answer in Christ and, if we are obedient to His call, they too can be recipients of His grace. Join with us, hand in hand, to rescue the perishing and give them hope in Christ.

Ways You Can Participate

There are many exciting areas for volunteer ministry. You, as an individual or a church group, can become involved in serving spiritual needs of inmates and/or their families. One of the chaplains supported through Christian Chaplain Services Inc. can provide guidance to help you get started. Examples of ministries available are as follows:

Providing Reading, Study Materials for Inmates

  • Bibles
  • Tracts
  • Christian books


  • One-on-one with inmates
  • Infirmary visits
  • Support after release from prison

Prayer Partners

  • General spiritual needs
  • Specific prayer requests


  • Song-leading for a variety of services



  • Direct support for Chaplains
  • Postage stamps

If you would like more information, call (303) 814-8310. You may request a visit from a Chaplain to discuss your church’s involvement or your participation.


The Chaplains’ Critical Role

  • Evangelize inmates
  • Counsel inmates
  • Distribute evangelical materials
  • Coordinate volunteer activities

Chaplains have the unique opportunity to meet directly with inquiring inmates and help them with spiritual needs. They function as the channel for the distribution of Bibles, and other valuable evangelical materials that inmates can use for study and spiritual growth.

Chaplains are vitally important to coordinate a large number of volunteers. Church services, Bible studies, and counseling are typical ministries conducted by dedicated volunteers. Without the presence of chaplains, the work of nearly 400 volunteers would be greatly stifled.

(303) 814-8310

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